Sukarya announces Conference on Public Health and Nutrition 2018

Conference on Public Health and Nutrition:

Freeing Future Generations from Malnutrition

on 29th September 2018

at FICCI auditorium
1, Federation House Tansen Marg  

New Delhi


in association with:

Maternal & Child Health Program
Milken Institute School of Public Health
George Washington University


Supported by:  

Ministry of Women & Child Development  
National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR)


Sukarya has been working extensively in health and nutrition for the past two decades and has served around 5 million women and children in around 600 villages and 90 slums in Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan. Our focus is especially on addressing malnutrition amongst the most vulnerable sections of society. Even after 70 years of independence, the prevalence of under nutrition, stunting, wasting, and micronutrient deficiencies like anaemia, vitamin A deficiency is very high, which is a major concern for India.

High malnutrition is also among the greatest challenges facing global public health and wellbeing in large parts of Asia, Africa and to some extent in South America. It is one of the biggest drivers of disease, maternal and infant mortality and poor child growth, apart from other adverse social and economic consequences. The indicators of Sustainable Development Goals also reflect the role of nutrition in sustainable health, women’s empowerment, and poverty and inequality reduction.

In this rapidly changing world where technology is continuously advancing, there are new breakthroughs from which we can learn. We are therefore organising this Conference focussed on following five topics:


  1. Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition
    1. Stunting, wasting, under-nutrition, anaemia, BMI etc
    2. Nutrition related cultural habits, lifestyles and choices


  1. Public health, Nutrition and Diseases
    1. Water, Sanitation, Hygiene,
    2. Access to Health facilities and treatment


  1. Correcting Micro-Nutrient Deficiencies


  1. Nutrition related Policy and Legislation
    1. Policies, Guidelines, Programmes
    2. Legislation, Rules, Regulation


  1. Role of Technology for an Efficient System of Public Health and Nutrition

Sukarya has constantly endeavoured to expand its knowledge and resource base on the subject to improve and upscale the effectiveness of its efforts in tackling malnutrition. This requires meaningful and interactive discussions with stakeholders and experts in this sector. The purpose of this Conference is to facilitate open exchange of ideas and to deliberate on strategies that that will be effective in combating malnutrition and freeing our future generations from it through access to good health, nutrition, cultural practices and lifestyle choices.

As per Prime Minister Modi, the issue of addressing Malnutrition is one of his top priorities and he has announced many policy measures like Poshan Abhiyaan, a multi-sectoral program to address maternal & child under-nutrition.

Sukarya has constantly endeavored to expand its knowledge and resource base on the subject to improve and upscale the effectiveness of its efforts in tackling malnutrition. This requires meaningful and interactive discussions with stakeholders and experts in this sector. It is with this objective that Sukarya is organizing this Conference with the following objectives:

  • To share and discuss best practices, learning and challenges while improving Public health and nutrition especially for maternal and child health, MCHN initiatives.
  • To share, learn and understand the use of technology, nutrition & promotion of   indigenous food habits and community-based care to improve MCHN.
  • To provide a forum to bring together policymakers, civil society organizations, practitioners and experts from the field of Nutrition to synergies the efforts towards the issue. This would also offer an opportunity to country’s nutrition policy community to discuss priorities for nutrition in India and feed into country’s policy perspectives, and programs. 

Note: We are also working towards developing a collaborative network and platform of all stakeholders for sharing knowledge and best practices to find the way forward. Very soon, we will annouce the program schedules. Registration for attending this conference is free for leaders, practitioners, policy makers and scientists working on Public Health and nutrition in India especially for underserved and poor. 

Note: Sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact Call Shipra at 9999918517/9910248487







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